Starting a business at home is a good idea for women or even men need to stay at home for some personal or other reasons.Earning an income jfgjfggjthrough a business which can be operated from home base is the need of the time now.This helps the stay at home moms or Dads to utilize their education, talents, and skills and earn some money while taking care of the home and the kids at the same time.There are many such businesses which can be started at home with very low investments and it can be operated while you are taking care of your family too.

This was the idea behind our business when we started the coaching 20160307200931-millennials-business-people-group-brainstorming-working-officeclasses of art and crafts.We wanted to open a business but at the same time, we did not want to neglect our families and kids.Therefore, we decided to make use of our artistic talents and skills and teach them to people who are interested in learningthem.We started our classes in the outhouse so that we can keep the classes separate from our home but we could still keep an eye on the kids.

Benefits of starting the art and craft coaching classes from home

  • Flexible timings of the batches mean even students, working women or professional can join the classes as per their schedule.

  • We teach various types of arts and craft, so it means that you can try out many things till you fund one thing which you are passionate about.

  • The fees for the classes are very reasonable, so you can learn as many types of art and craft as you want.

  • Small batches mean every student gets personal attention from us and they can learn the art in a better way.

  • We even teach the students how to market their wares so that it can a means of earning for them.

  • We are able to pay attention to our families while we are earning a sizeable income from our business.

    Caucasian woman tending child and working in home office

    Caucasian woman tending child and working in home office

  • As we work from our own home, we are saving money which would have been paid as rent and other charges.

  • We started the business using very small capital and therefore we were able to start earning profits very soon.

  • As we are working from our own home, we did not have to pay too much money for advertising. Mouth to mouth publicity made it easier for us to reach more people on less budget.

Our business is one such example that anyone can start their own business if they have some talent and are passionate about having their own business.We are able to succeed in this business due to many factors. Anyone can learn the art and crafts from us and start their own business of selling the art made by them.This can be another income for them who are already working at one job.We teach the students various types of art with dedication and see to it that they are learning all the important aspects of art.